The Inter-Sec Group is a small, veteran-owned business with a Quick Reaction Capability, in that we can provide highly experienced manpower solutions to the advancing and growing needs of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, the Intelligence Community, the Law Enforcement Community, State and Local Governments and the Corporate community worldwide. In response to these advances and the changing requirements, the Inter-Sec Group endeavors to employ and develop quality personnel, resources, and services that meet the diverse and ever evolving mission related needs of communities. We possess the appropriate security clearances to engage in all classified operations.


Our company prides itself on employing high caliber personnel with capabilities second to none. The Inter-Sec Group maintains a large electronic portfolio of personnel with experiences that range from National Security Counterintelligence Investigation; Personnel Background and Civil Investigations; Anti-Terrorism Operations and Management; Design, Writing, Implementation and Management of Force Protection plans, protocols and practices; Security Operations and Management; Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Management; Research and Analysis; Data Mining; Reporting; Briefing; Processing; Database Management; Technical Writing; Operations Planning; Information Security; Operations Security; Facility Security; Personnel Security; Provision of Training; Open Source, Human and All Source Intelligence; Foreign Area Studies; National Security and Country Reports; and related services. No mission is too small or too large.