Conduct Personal, Company, Facility, Installation, Operational and Workplace Risk Assessments (i.e. Workplace violence, employee threats, outside threats)

Conduct Personal, Company, Facility, Installation and Operational Threat Assessments

Conduct Personal, Company, Facility, Installation and Operational Vulnerability Assessments

Conduct Personal, Company, Facility, Installation and Operational Targeting Analysis

Conduct Personal, Company, Facility, Installation and Operational Security Audits

Security System Design and Installation Oversight

Conduct Personnel Security Background Investigations

     Pre-Employment Suitability and Eligibility Investigations/Interviews

     Employment Verifications and References

     Prior Educational Verifications and References

     Prior Residences Verifications and References

     Certification Verifications

     Criminal Records Searches (State and Federal)

     Civil Records Searches (State and Federal)

     Security Clearance Verifications

     SSN Verifications

     Derogatory Credit Searches

     International Criminal Searches

     State and National Sex Offender Searches

     Drivers License Searches

     National Commercial Drivers Searches

Executive Protection
Risk Analysis and Crisis Management Assistance
Threat Assessments
Security Program Design
Protective Personnel Selection Reviews
Selected actual protection involvement

Conduct Personal Security/Protective Operations

Provide Anti-Terrorism Awareness and Security Training to Personnel Deploying to Foreign Zones of Operations, both civilian and military (includes travel, residential, work facility, and recreational security measures; defensive tactics; intelligence; counter-surveillance; target hardening; counter-kidnapping; infosec; and much more)

Security (SME)

       Audits and Reviews

       Threat Assessments

       Targeting Analysis

       Vulnerability Assessments


       Risk Assessments

       Systems Design

       CARVER and CARVER+Shock

       RAM, RAVA, ODP, DHS

       Facilities and Installations

       Information and Systems

       Personnel Backgrounds

       Personal Security

       Executive Protection/PSDs

       Travel Security Operations

       Consulting Services


     Physical Security

     Personnel Security

     Operational Security

     Informational Security

     Port/Maritime Security

     Court Security

     Transportation Security

     Aviation Security

     Travel Security

     High Rise Security

     Campus Security

     Facility Security

     Installation Security

     Digital Security

     Medical Security

     Chemical Facility Security

     Dam Security

     Water System Security

     Transit Security

     Personal Security

     Event/Arena Security

     Executive/Dignitary Security

     Critical Infrastructure

     Investigative Services

     Surveillance and CS