The founder and President, Arthur E. Gerringer, continues to lead the organizations with over forty years of exemplary and intriguing services as an:

  •  Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Officer, U.S. Army (18 years)
  •  Intelligence Analyst,  Counterintelligence Agent,  Counterterrorism Officer,  Intelligence Officer
  •  Physical Security Specialist (35 plus years)
  •  Subject Matter Expert on Terrorism (35 plus years)
  •  Master Peace Officer (38 plus years)
  •  Federal Agent andState Agent,  Director of Public Safety,  Training Provider
  •  Security Consultant and Contractor

Mr. Gerringer is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert on terrorism, having written extensively on the subject, taught in college and university settings, provided up to date instruction in academies and seminars, providing consultations to government, law enforcement and the military throughout the United States and in foreign nations, and working in combat zones against existing and developing terrorist organizations and operatives.