National Security/Personnel Security

·         Full Field Background Investigations 

Pre-Employment Screening/Background Investigations (In Person or Electronic)

·         Applicant Interviews

·         Resident Verifications

·         Neighborhood References

·         Employment Verification

·         Employment References

·         Educational Verification

·         Education References

·         Marital and Divorce Records

·         Military Service Records

·         Criminal Records (Local, State and Federal)

·         Civil Court Records (Local, State and Federal)

·         Credit Records (to include Bankruptcy, Judgements, Liens)

·         Sex Offender Registry (State and Federal)

·         Correctional Records (State and Federal)

·         International Criminal Records

·         Professional Licensing Verifications

High Profile Executive Selection 


·         Due Diligence

·         Business Intelligence·

Internal Affairs

·         Official Misconduct

·         Corruption

·         Use of Force

·         Dereliction of Duty

Public Integrity (Impartiality to insure credibility and factual results)

Sexual Harrassment/EEOC (Anti-Liability results from professional inquiries)

Insurance Fraud/Workmans Compensation (Reduce your exposure and losses to fraud)


Security Threats

·         Employee Theft

·         Vulnerability Assessments

·         Threat Assessments

·         Risk Analysis

·         Facility Security

·         Security System Design

Personal Protection

Missing Persons

Kidnap Recovery and Negotiations

Criminal and Civil (Cold Cases, Unsolved Cases, Capital Cases)

National Intelligence Estimates

Research Broker

Anti-Terrorism Defensive Investigation

Background Investigation.jpg

Many of these investigations employ a seven step procedure:

  1. Qualifications Assessment
  2. Public Record Check
  3. Social Security Verification
  4. Credit and Criminal Record Check
  5. Employment and Education
  6. Verification
  7. Reference Checks
  8. Suitability Interview(s)