The Inter-Sec Group is not unlike any other successful organization, we have the highest quality personnel, a clear vision of where we are going, a commitment to achieve the highest possible success, and the knowledge and skills required to drive that success.

The Inter-Sec Group was founded in 1987, along with its sister organization, The Institute for Strategic Studies on Terrorism. In tandem, these two early private pioneers of Anti-Terrorism, Security and Intelligence, set out to bring the most current knowledge and the most effective skills for countering the continuing and growing threats to government, military, law enforcement and corporate America.

In 1999 a separate organization was formed, The National Security Services, and a more delineated division of specific labors and endeavors was established among the three inter-related and mutually supportive organizations. The NSS provides services to government that are classified and deal mostly with intelligence, intelligence analysis, and counterintelligence operations and support services.

The Inter-Sec Group provides classified and unclassified services dealing with security audits, threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, project management, force protection services, emergency management operations, exercises and various types of training, in both CONUS and OCONUS environments. At the same time it serves as the parent organization.

The Institute for Strategic Studies on Terrorism continues to collect data on all terrorist incidents worldwide, to produce reports and estimates on terrorist activities, to document organizations and individuals, and to provide timely and current intelligence and analysis on terrorism worldwide.

As a staunch believer in the axiom that you must “know your enemy” The Inter-Sec Group and its sibling organizations engage in continuous intelligence collection, analysis of incidents and other predictive data, the provision of turnkey security assessments and consultations driven by an intense knowledge of the adversaries and their capabilities around the world.

Today, The Inter-Sec Group consists of 257 full time, part time and topic specific specialists that undertake missions throughout the world. Our years of personal and corporate careers in the specific arenas of experience you seek far pre-date the events that have spawned so many others. Personnel are trained, licensed and/or certified in the use of various risk and vulnerability assessment methodologies, to include Sandia RAM, RAM-C, RAM-CF, ODP, SOLA, Carver, RAVA, Risk Watch and other specialized tools. Counterintelligence missions have been carried out for the various members of the intelligence community. In the past five years The Inter-Sec Group has executed 528 intense and combined threat, vulnerability and risk assessments, along with a list of proactive measures to mitigate and/or eliminate those risk factors. Terrorism Counterintelligence has been performed in Afghanistan. Physical security was performed in Baghdad. Anti-Terrorism, force protection and program management was performed in Korea. Security training has been delivered in the U.S., Malaysia, Bahrain, Albania and other locations. Intelligence collection/management and analysis has been provided within the U.S. and at various locations overseas.

Former and current clients include the:

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • 8th U.S. Army
  • 14th U.S. Air Force
  • Illinois National Guard
  • State of Texas
  • Pennsylvania National Guard
  • State of Connecticut
  • City of Rochester, New Hampshire
  • 35th Infantry Division
  • Air Intelligence Agency
  • National Security Agency
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan
  • U.S. Embassy and U.S. Department of State in Iraq
  • U.S. law enforcement agencies, various corporate customers, including Nantek Corp, Unicell Corp, Canyon Springs and others.

The Inter-Sec Group is CCR registered and holds Cage Code 1PRK7, is certified by the Joint U.S. Canadian Commission, is an SBA certified Veteran Owned Small Business, maintains a current registration with ORCA, all the necessary clearances to perform any mission, and we hold CPP, MSO, CIA, FIH, FSO, PCI, IAM, CHS and other professional certifications.

           The Inter-Sec Group will provide your organization with a world class set of services designed to produce a program: 

  1. to detect the threat
  2. to deter any attack
  3. to defeat the adversaries efforts to disrupt your operations

      Our services will show you how to potentially eliminate the threats and actual attacks against your proprietary infrastructure. Our services will provide you with the information required to establish a 360 degree layer of protective barriers that will dissuade any attack.

     The Inter-Sec Group is a forward thinking, strategic and tactical collection and analysis platform, that maintains a broad knowledge base on terrorism, intelligence and security matters. We are available to solve your problems and place you and your facilities in a position to ward off any potential threat. Knowledge is power and we can provide you with that capability. We can provide the training, the executable operational template or we can provide the personnel core that will execute the mission and provide the finished data.