The Inter-Sec Group, Inc. is a center of expertise and possesses expertise in:

(1) Physical and technical security
   (a) Survey facility lacking security system
   (b) Conduct audit of existing system
   (c) Make recommendations to establish or upgrade system
   (d) Coordinate with respective and responsible officials

(2) Executive Protection
   (a) Review historical and current threat intelligence
   (b) Review existing protective measures
   (c) Design protective security measures based on particular requirements
   (d) Provide training and consultations

(3) Target Selection and Attack
   (a) Review the facility location and barriers to attack
   (b) Determine optimum avenue of attack based on threat/risk
   (c) Create proactive reductive measures to increase barriers and reduce risk

(4) Anti-Terrorism
   (a) Maintain current intelligence on potential threat sources
   (b) Provide intelligence profiles
   (c) Provide counter-measures to nullity threats

(5) Criminal and terrorist intelligence
   (a) Maintain current intelligence database
   (b) Provide current group and individual profiles
   (c) Conduct and provide open source intelligence and research on specific topics
   (d) Provide reductive data and procedures

(6) Logistics
   (a) Survey/audit procedures required to sustain

(7) Vulnerability Analysis
   (a) Identify and Quantify potential vulnerabilities
   (b) Identify effectiveness of countermeasures already in place
   (c) Identify potential countermeasures to reduce vulnerabilities
   (d) Identify benefits and cost of each countermeasure

(8) Site Analysis
   (a) Identify assets requiring protection
   (b) Prioritize assets
   (c) Consider impacts on mission accomplishment

(9) Security design and engineering
   (a) Utilizing survey/audit data, design proactive system
   (b) Assist with the engineering and installation

(10) Crime prevention
   (a) Provide required procedural and protective measures to protect assets

(11) Force protection and associated fields
   (a) Review, survey and audit existing measures
   (b) Provide information for upgrading force protection

(12) Threat Analysis
   (a) Coordinate with intelligence and law enforcement
   (b) Assess adversaries-determine intent, motivation, tactics
   (c) Estimate degree of threat based on intelligence and historical data

(13) Intelligence/Counterintelligence
   (a) Coordinate with intelligence and counterintelligence community
   (b) Conduct ongoing data mining for provision

(14) Structural Hardening
   (a) Review facilities security and threat level
   (b) Design methods to increase target hardening and reduce threat
   (c) Utilize layered barriers to increase risk to source of threat

(15) Blast Analysis
   (a) Review past historical data
   (b) Analyze post-blast information and damage
   (c) Determine counter-measures

(16) Electronic Security
   (a) Review and audit electronic countermeasures
   (b) Provide recommendations to establish or enhance countermeasures

(17) Risk Analysis
   (a) Determine relative degree of risk (cost v risk)
   (b) Prioritize risk based on integrated assessment
   (c) Prioritize options and prepare recommendations for decision makers

(18) Investigations
   (a) Criminal Cases
      (i) High profile and complex investigations
      (ii) Cold major cases
      (iii) Cases requiring external independence and credibility
      (iv) Capital cases
      (v) Defense representation
   (b) Civil Investigations
      (i) Major cases (frauds, personal injury and similar involvements)
   (c) Executive suitability investigations
   (d) Personnel pre-employment investigations
   (e) Personnel security investigations (clearance required)
   (f) Background investigations
   (g) EEO/Harassment/Discrimination and similar investigations
   (h) Intelligence and Counterintelligence investigations
   (i) Public Integrity/Ethics/Internal Affairs investigations

(19) Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
   (a) Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
   (b) Insurance/Workman's Compensation Fraud

(20) Information Broker and Research Analyst
   (a) Conduct specific short-term or long-term research and intelligence collection and analysis on subject

(21) Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
   (a) Conduct intelligence collection, research and analysis
   (b) Provide organizational and individual profiles based on latest intelligence
   (c) Provide training to personnel on anti-terrorism tactics and procedures